Here’s Lakers Guard Jordan Clarkson Working on His Kobe Bryant Impersonation (Video)

jordan clarkson kobe bryant impersonation

Impersonating NBA stars is so in right now. Over the last several months we’ve seen a number of notable examples go viral, including the takes on Russell Westbrook and James Harden. But of course, nobody gets impersonated more than Kobe Bryant.

The latest Kobe Bryant impersonation? That comes to us from second-year Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson.

Obviously, Clarkson gets to see a lot of Kobe Bryant up close. So you’d expect his Kobe to be pretty good—and it is. However, for that very same reason (i.e., seeing a lot of Kobe up close), it’s not nearly as exaggerated as some of the others we’ve seen. Because the last thing Clarkson would want to do is piss Kobe off by accidentally making fun of him.

Take a look:

Now, if only Clarkson’s Kobe Bryant impersonation worked as well on NBA defenders as the real thing does.

Hat Tip – [Lakers Nation]

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