NYCFC Fan Tasered by NYPD at Yankee Stadium on Saturday (Videos)

NYCFC fan tased by NYPD

The NYPD used a taser on an NYCFC fan at Yankee Stadium on Saturday following the team’s game against the Columbus Crew.

The incident occurred while police and security were trying to break up a fight between two fans in the NYCFC supporters section, and it was caught on video.

Take a look:

As you can see, that video sheds absolutely no light whatsoever on the nature of the altercation, or whether the use of force was justified. We don’t see anything that happened prior to the guy getting tasered. All we have instead are two conflicting, supposedly eye-witness reports.

The first comes from somebody named Rox Fontaine, president of The Third Rail, a NYCFC supporters club. And according to a petition Rox started on, the taser was unnecessary:

“I was on the concourse at the exit of the aisle where the supporter was being escorted out of the stadium. He was escorted by four (4) NYPD officers, two in front, two behind, with three (3) Securitas employees in tow. He tripped while being escorted as there were so many people surrounding him and the aisle is thin. I was at the top of the staircase and near enough to attempt to help him. I reached over and grabbed him under his arms to help him up. As I was trying to lift him an NYPD officer burst through yelling “taser, taser!,” and pushed me out of the way. He immediately placed the taser directly on the supporter’s chest and fired. The supporter was on his back after tripping and was not a threat in any manner. He was not punching, kicking, biting or showing any other physical aggression.”

The second supposed eye-witness account comes from reddit user gjanovky, who had no problem with the police breaking out the taser:

“I was at the game. Two guys were getting into a fight and there were about a dozen idiots running their mouths. The police ran in to break up the fight and the crowd forming around it. The guy had it coming. The best part was when this one idiot was trying to run over to the fight and yelling at the police. After being told 3-4 times to back away and the guy not listening, the officer took out his baton. That got the guy backing up real quick. […] I just looked over my shoulder and saw two guys going at it on the stairs between the stands. The fight got pushed up to behind the bleacher area and thats when a handful of police broke it up.”

Of course, tasers are a lot more serious than many people realize. Police shouldn’t be too quick to bust them out.

That said, if you don’t want to get roughed up by the police, don’t do anything to get yourself kicked out of a professional sporting event. I’ve never been kicked out of a professional sporting event, and maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I’ve never once been tasered by the police.

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