Rugby Player Tries to Make Tackle, Gets KO’d (Video)

rugby player

Rugby’s a contact sport, meaning that even an advantageous position and good form don’t guarantee that you’ll find yourself free of injury. Just ask Craig Clare, a rugby player for Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. Clare was primed to make a tackle on Loni Uhila, aka “The Tongan Bear,” when he…didn’t.

It’s hard to tell where it went wrong for Clare, but one moment he was like a lion waiting for its dinner, then the next, he was unconscious. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

It looks like he took a knee to the head as he got low to tackle. Take a look:

I’ve run out of clever things to say about the toughness of rugby players. It’s insane. The fact that this is referred to as a “bump off” in the video is such a hilarious understatement and so fitting for rugby.

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