Texans Owner Says JJ Watt Wouldn’t Have Destroyed Cell Phone Like That No Good Tom Brady

Texans owner says JJ Watt would not have destroyed cell phone

Apparently the Houston Texans just weren’t getting enough publicity on HBO’s Hard Knocks. So on Tuesday, Texans owner Bob McNair went on a local sports talk radio show and made some remarks about the messy Deflategate situation, pretty much picking up the hornets nest with his bare hands and drop-kicking it.

When asked on Houston’s Sports Radio 610 about the way the whole scandal has been handled, McNair pointed out the obvious—namely, that everyone really screwed it up:

“I think we could have handled it better. I think the Patriots could have handled it better, I think Brady could have handled it better.”

McNair also talked about the NFL’s lack of actual evidence in the case against Brady:

“Is there anything conclusive there? No, you don’t have any conclusive evidence.”

But the best part came when host Mike Meltser asked McNair how he would feel if his franchise player had been treated the way Brady has been treated:

“What escalated the whole thing is that Brady and the Patriots were going to cooperate fully, and then when it came down to it, they didn’t. If it was JJ Watt, I think he would have been cooperative, and it wouldn’t be a question. … I don’t think JJ would destroy his cellphone.

That’s right, Robert Kraft. Bob McNair’s stud wouldn’t have destroyed no phone, ’cause he’s a man of integrity and honor and something something.

Also he wouldn’t have dumped Bridget Moynahan while she was pregnant, and he wouldn’t endorse Uggs because he’s not a fancy man. So in your face!

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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