Alabama Fishermen Rescue a Pair of Kittens from River, Like You Do (Video)

alabama fishermen rescue kittens from river

Last Saturday, a pair of Alabama fishermen were enjoying a quiet morning on the Warrior River, along the border of Alabama and Georgia, when they saw something weird swimming in the water.

It wasn’t until they heard the meows that Jason Frost and his friend, Brandon Key, realized it was a kitten—a kitten in the middle of the river, swimming toward their boat.

When the orange tabby got to their boat, Frost bent down and fished it out of the water by the nape of its neck. And then they heard a splash. And pretty soon there was another orange kitten swimming toward their boat. In the middle of the Warrior River.

Needless to say, Frost and Key were dumbfounded.

“Never in my life have I seen anything like that,” Frost says in the video.

Take a look:

Nobody knows for sure where the kitten came from. But given the remote location, it seems highly likely that some cruel individual abandoned their unwanted litter. And if that’s the case, it’s also highly likely that there were originally more than two.

Fortunately, Frost and Key were there to give these two a happy ending. Upon returning to shore, they saw a family with two young girls, and that family agreed to take them in.

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