Lingerie Football League Player Scores, Makes Out with Fan (Video)

lingerie football league player

In yet another gimmick to help sell what would otherwise be a sport on the same level as intramural ultimate frisbee, a Lingerie Football League player celebrated a touchdown by going into the stands and making out with a player.

After shotgunning beers and drinking martinis, I would have thought the players would have gone straight to making out with each other for the attention, but apparently they stopped halfway to that.

The player in questions was ChrisDell Harris, and the man she kissed was either her boyfriend or someone she knows, which makes the whole thing better or worse, depending on how you look at it—better, I suppose, if only because of the anger it would stir up if she ran out and kissed a married stranger in the crowd.

Here’s the clip:


Man, look at those dudes behind her. I’ve never come close to attending an LFL game, but I’m guessing the entire stadium is filled with guys who look like THAT.

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