Tom Brady Wins Appeal, Demands Apology in WWE Mash-Up (Videos)

Unless you’ve been buried under your bedsheets for the past couple of hours, you’ve probably already heard by now that Tom Brady won his appeal in a New York federal court to have his four-game suspension for his involvement in DeflateGate overturned.

It was a crushing defeat for Roger Goodell and the NFL, who were deemed to have dispensed their “own brand of justice,” according to Judge Richard Berman.

So does this ruling mean that we’re all about to see Goodell issue a public apology to Brady for putting him through all of this? Not quite—the NFL plans to appeal the decision.

However, if Goodell were to apologize to Brady in public, I imagine it would look something like this:

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Would Brady accept the apology? Nah, of course he wouldn’t.  He’d probably just do this instead:

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And that’s the bottom line, because Tom Brady said so!

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