Tom Brady Wins Deflategate Appeal, Erasing Suspension

deflategate appeal

In a move that should (temporarily) put the Deflategate business behind us, Tom Brady has won his Deflategate appeal before a federal judge, resulting in his four-game suspension being completely overturned. Roger Goodell was criticized by Judge Richard Berman for “dispensing his own brand of justice,” a complaint that had been circulating widely since the league’s handling of the Ray Rice scandal last year and several other incidents since then.

This ruling doesn’t necessarily conclude the matter. The league can still appeal the ruling, though, at this point, they may just wish to put this behind them and allow fans to look forward to actual football in the 2016 season. Overall, the ruling and decision cited the NFL for actions “premised upon several significant legal deficiencies,” another common refrain in the wake of the reports and unilateral action that often appeared more vindictive than practical.

…then came the Tweets:

This means that it’s all but certain, even in the face of an appeal, that Brady will suit up for the season opener on Thursday, September 10th, against the Steelers.

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