Wife of Redskins GM Accuses ESPN Reporter Diana Russini Trading Oral Sex for Scoops (Pics)

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Well this is a new low. Even for the Washington Redskins.

On Sunday, one day after news leaked that Washington planned to start Kirk Cousins over Robert Griffin III in Week 1, Jessica McCloughan, wife of Redskins GM Scot McCloughan, got on twitter and publicly accused ESPN reporter and SportsCenter anchor Diana Russini of trading sexual favors for inside information.

The tweet in question was so insane that, at first, people didn’t even think the account was real. However, when both the tweet and the account were deleted, people started to realize, oh no, it was real. The wife of the Redskins general manager really did accuse a sports reporter of performing oral sex in exchange for a scoop.

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At first Tony Wyllie, the Redskins’ Senior VP of Communications, told Black Sports Online that the account was fake, and that they’d contacted NFL security about getting it shut down. But that was a lie. And at some point they realized nobody believed it. So Jessica McCloughan came clean and issued this apology:

“I deeply apologize for the disparaging remarks about an ESPN reporter on my personal Twitter account. The comment was unfounded and inappropriate, and I have the utmost respect for both the reporter and ESPN. I regret that my actions have brought undeserved negative attention to the Redskins organization and its leadership. My comments in no way reflect the opinions or attitudes of the organization and I regret that my behavior has in any way negatively impacted the team and its loyal fan base.”

Did anyone else find it bizarre that Jessica McCloughan didn’t refer to “the reporter” by name? You would think that if McCloughan wareally sorry, she’d have made the apology more personal, right?

Well, there is actually pretty good reason to believe Jessica McCloughan is not really sorry. You see, this was not the first time she’d accused Diana Russini of using sex to get a story. As discovered by the folks at Busted Coverage, McCloughan flat out accused Russini of sleeping with her husband back on August 13:

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And before the account got deleted, here was Jessica McCloughan’s Twitter bio:

jessica mccoughan twitter bio
So you see, that wasn’t just a rash tweet published in the heat of the moment. McCloughan clearly had been suspicious of Russini’s ability to break stories (and her husband’s ability to keep it in his pants) for a long time.

As for Diana Russini, the so-called 5.5, she wisely did not even dignify the accusations with a response. Instead, she let her employer do the talking.

“Dianna is an excellent reporter who should never have to be subjected to such vulgar comments,” read the statement from ESPN. “We are obviously extremely disappointed by today’s developments.”

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