Colts Fans Injured by Falling Bolts from Lucas Oil Stadium Retractable Roof (Pic)

colts fans injured by falling bolts at lucal oil stadium

Colts fans may have felt like the sky was falling as their team suffered a dreadfully boring 9-6 loss to the Bengals on Thursday. But it wasn’t actually the sky. It was bolts from Lucas Oil Stadium’s retractable roof.

During the final game of the 2015 NFL preseason in Indianapolis Thursday night, three Colts fans were struck by falling bolts that sheared off the roof as it opened during halftime. Two of those three fans were taken to the hospital. Fortunately, their injuries were non-life threatening.

It could have been so much worse.

Here’s the official statement from Capital Improvement Board of Managers, which operates Lucas Oil Stadium:

With approximately two minutes remaining at half time at the Indianapolis Colts vs. Cincinnati Bengals game this evening at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, there was an occurrence with the movement of the retractable roof. The roof was in process of being opened for the second half of the preseason game. A bolt from the fixed structure sheared and dropped into seating section 248 (located in the northwest corner of the lower seating bowl). Once the stadium authorities were notified, the movement of the roof was stopped immediately.

On-site medical personnel deemed all injuries to be non-life threatening. One female and one male were attended to by IU Health medical personnel and then transported to a local hospital for further evaluation. The third person was a male who was treated and released on site.

According to the Indianaplis Star, fans sitting near section 248 said the bolts that fell were about the size of half a roll of quarters.

Ironically, this is the first year that the NFL will allow teams to open retractable roofs at halftime. Previously, the roof had to stay either open or closed during the entire game.

The team that proposed the rule change? That would be the Colts.

They’re going to want to maybe rethink that policy.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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