Jarryd Hayne Lays Out Chargers Cornerback Lowell Rose (Video)

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Australian rugby player-turned-NFL prospect Jarryd Hayne has been the story of the 2015 NFL preseason. The guy had never played a game of gridiron football until he took the field for the 49ers three weeks ago, but in four preseason games he’s averaged 7.0 yards her rushing attempt and 16.8 yards per punt return.

To give you some context, the best yards/attempt rate of any running back in the top 10 last season was 5.4, while the best yards/attempt rate of any punt returner in the top 10 last season was 13.

But the numbers don’t tell the whole story when it comes to Hayne. The guy has also looked amazing.

There was, for example, that amazing over-the-shoulder catch on a punt from preseason week 2. And then there’s this little highlight from Thursday’s preseason finale against the Chargers, in which Jarryd Hayne lays out Chargers cornerback Lowell Rose with a devastating shoulder-to-shoulder hit.

Hayne may not have any NFL experience, but the 49ers would be insane not to put this guy on their 53-man roster, right? The guy is a monster. And if the Niners cut him, they’re almost certainly just going to end up playing against him.

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