Minnesota Used Dramatic Chipmunk to Distract TCU’s Kicker (Pic)

dramatic chipmunk

Minnesota, knowing that they had a tough road to hoe with their opening game against #2 ranked TCU, pulled out all the stops to get a leg up. Of course, that meant resorting to hilarious and awesome memes (albeit dated ones) in order to distract TCU’s kicker during field goals.

They showed the meme commonly known as “dramatic chipmunk” during field goal situations and the Horned Frogs converted on 3 of their 4 attempts. Does that mean it worked? Inconclusive, but I suppose they should keep doing it to collect more data, right?

Here’s the Tweet:

I hope this picks up. Sure, uptight traditionalists will say it’s not sporting, or whatever, but this is fun, and it’s college football, not brain surgery.



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