A Nationally-Ranked Prep School Has a 4’5″ Running Back (Video)

A Nationally-Ranked Prep School Has a 4 5 Running Back

American Heritage HS in Florida is ranked among the top 25 football prep schools in the country, but they’ve got another point of distinction that’s likely even bigger. They’ve got a running back who is 4’5″ and a mere 95 lbs. His name is Adam Reed, and based on this Miami Herald piece, he’s not really playing up his size.

He said in an interview, “I’m a little undersized, but it’s, whatever. I don’t let my size stop me from doing anything.”

At least he didn’t contend that he was a regular-sized running back.

In this video, check out the one formation where he lines up as a fullback. I don’t know who they’re trying to fool with that move, but I think a 95 lb high school fullback would scare a linebacker about as much as a cloudy day.

Hat Tip – [MaxPreps]

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