A Utah Fan Was Smelling Her Armpits on Camera Last Night (Video)

utah fan

Sure, it’s college football season, but it’s also late summer, so that means it’s really hot out. Hot enough to sweat, and probably hot enough for your armpits to smell. So we can’t blame this Utah fan for giving her pits a quick check during the game. I mean, I doubt she had deodorant on-hand, but she could have used that knowledge to keep her arms down while cheering on Utah during┬átheir 24-17 opening week win over Michigan.

Sure, it may have affected her ability to hold that giant hashtag, but the comfort of the fans around her comes first. A courteous move that we commend. Good lookin’ out, Utah fan. But maybe, if this is any issue, don’t wear a tank-top to the game? A nice turtleneck may be warmer, but it will keep you from getting caught on camera smelling your own armpits.

A little advice for next time!

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