Tom Brady’s Dad Calls Sports Show to Rant about You-Know-What

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During all this Deflategate hubbub, we hadn’t heard from Tom Brady‘s dad in the matter, Tom Brady Sr. Welp, now we have. The elder Brady called into Chip Franlin’s sports show as the host was trashing the star to chime in with his two cents.

During his rant below, he calls Goodell a “flaming liar,” (I’m guessing “flaming” wasn’t his first choice of word), and rationalized Tom Brady destroying his cell phone by saying to the host, “You got rid of a cellphone, and you went from an Android to an iPhone 6 – have you ever done that? I know I’ve done it.”

While we could spend all day discussing the reasons to switch from Android to iOs or vice versa…we won’t.

The host was almost certainly trolling, saying at one point that he’d rather have the (just cut) Tim Tebow than Tom Brady, which means the host is likely a big idiot.

Though Tom Sr. was pretty beligerent in his tone to the sports show and its host, he wasn’t exactly wrong. He said at one point, “That’s all lies,” he said. “It’s all ESPN. It’s all NFL propaganda; don’t you get it?”

The “don’t you get it?” part sort of reads like a poorly-written conspiracy theorist character in a bad movie, but, yeah Tom Sr. we get it.

You can listen to the entire range to for yourself below:

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