High School Football Ref Hit From Behind Due to “Bad Call” (Video)

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Football referees are supposed to be like the droids in Star Wars – completely off limits for violence. But apparently somebody forgot to tell two members of San Antonio’s John Jay High team, because they can clearly be seen in some video footage from a recent game intentionally smashing into the game’s high school football ref from behind.

Very little seems to be known about the play other than what was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube. Reportedly, the video is from Jon Jay’s recent losing game against Marble Falls, and it shows first a John Jay defensive back slamming a referee from behind, and another player slamming into the downed ref with his helmet. The title of the video is San Antonio Texas high school football players target ref because of a bad call, but very little in the way of additional information on what could have provoked such a brutal course of action against a high school football ref has surfaced yet. The story is getting a lot of traction online, though, so you can expect a lot more details to come very soon, and an investigation of exactly what happened is being handled by Northside ISD.

Unsurprisingly, both players were ejected from the game, but many would probably agree a harsher punishment is probably called for, given the severity of the attack and the generally taboo nature of physically attacking high school football referees – or any other kind of referee. You can read a hometown article about the incident right here.