Joey Julius, Penn State’s 259-LB Kicker, Achieves National Stardom (Video)

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On Saturday, America’s new favorite athlete rocketed to stardom with a successful 34-yard field goal for Penn State. It wasn’t that a 34-yard kick is particularly exciting that made the kicker such a hit with fans, but the fact that the kicker in question, Joey Julius, goes against the usual physical type for kickers, at five-foot-ten and 259 pounds!

Joey Julius’ performance on Saturday was the first most football fans across the country ever got to see of the unorthodox kicker, who’s already earned himself a nickname (a true indicator of relevance if there ever was one): “The Big Toe.” And The Big Toe immediately caused an uproar on social media following his field goal:

You can see what all the fuss was about by taking a look a Joey Julius’ breakthrough field goal in the video above. And for more on The Big Toe, head over to his official Penn State bio right here – although you’ll probably be seeing more from him as the season goes on, whether you actively seek it out or not.