Reggie Wayne Wikipedia Page Gets Hilarious Edit Following Cut From Patriots

Reggie Wayne Wikipedia Page gets edited

After spending 14 years with the Indianapolis Colts, Reggie Wayne was not re-signed by the team that drafted him in the first-round back in 2001.  That meant that for the first time in his NFL career, the 36-year-old receiver would suit up for a team other than the Colts.

That team would turn out to be Indianapolis’ arch-rival, the New England Patriots, although, his tenure in Foxborough lasted only 12 days before he was let go by the club.

Why was Wayne released by the Pats? The simple answer is age and an inability to contribute on the field for the defending Super Bowl champs, but the Reggie Wayne Wikipedia page will have you thinking otherwise.

Check out this edit after the former Colt was cut by the Pats:

Reggie Wayne Wikipedia Page

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