Watch Drew Brees Wrestle a Crocodile with Bear Grylls (Video)

bear grylls

I know that NFL teams put language in contracts so that players don’t partake in risky behavior in the offseason. I’m pretty sure that “crocodile wrestling” constitutes “risky behavior.” Especially for Drew Brees, a guy who’s best known as the teachers’ pet.

Here’s the clip. More objectionable than the subject matter is the fact that the New Orleans Twitter feed refers to Drew Brees as the “Greatest of all Time.” That’s…just not true.

We’ve also got some more highlights right here. I guess he’s like the kid who’s gone all summer vacation, then reinvents himself on the first day of school.

For his troubles, he was gifted a crocodile tooth necklace from Bear Grylls. It will be fun to see how Drew Brees makes that look totally dorky. 

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