Now Gronk’s Voice Can Guide You Home via the Waze GPS App (Video)

gronk's voice

Last week, it was announced that Stephen Colbert would be lending his soothing voice to the driving/navigation app Waze in an effort to promote his upcoming premiere as David Letterman’s replacement on The Late Show. In the hubbub surrounding this, it was largely overlooked that oversized 12 year-old boy and Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski would also be appearing on the app.

His participation is also promotional, but rather than using it to promote his day job as a football player, Gronk’s voice has been added to Waze to let the remaining six people who weren’t aware that he has a Dunkin’ Donuts promotional gig that he is, in fact, a Dunkin’ Donuts spokesman.

Here’s the product placement-laden Tweet:

…and video of his Waze appearance:

Oh, man. I think I’d rather be lost in traffic than have Gronk’s voice tell me “We tight like that,” while I’m driving.

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