Red Sox Rookie Henry Owens Taped to a Pole by Teammates (Video)

Henry Owens

In what’s apparently not the first time this has happened to a Red Sox player, rookie pitcher Henry Owens was taped to a pole in the Red Sox dugout in what appears to be a hazing ritual or something.

The whole thing was weird, but made much weirded by the nonchalant commentary from the announcers, who seem to not want to ask too many questions about why a human being would be bound and gagged during a baseball game.

Eventually, a player removes the tape from Owens’┬ámouth, but doesn’t take away the tape that secures him to the pole.

I guess when you’re out of the playoff hunt at this point in the season, this is the most exciting thing a team can do.

The least they could have done is cut off Henry Owen’s mullet while he was held captive.

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