Ronda Rousey Recommended Cardale Jones Start for OSU (Video)

Cardale Jones

Lots of people were weighing in on the OSU quarterback controversy before they took the field against Virginia Tech last night. The starting job was between Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett, with Jones getting the call at game time. Maybe that was the plan all along. Or maybe the coaching staff just did it because they didn’t want to piss off Ronda Rousey after she suggested that Cardale Jones get the gig.

Did she know something we didn’t, or was this just her throwing in her two-cents?

Not sure, but a Rousey endorsement is a pretty cool thing, so even though the controversy isn’t over, Cardale Jones can walk tall knowing he has the MMA icon’s stamp of approval.

Judging from OSU’s decisive win, it looks like Ronda made the right call. Cardale Jones had a banner night for the Buckeyes, and even though Barrett got some playing time¬†later in the game, it looked as though Cardale was very comfortable with the starting gig.

I wonder if she could help out a few NFL teams with their QB controversies. She’s probably the only person who could get RGIII his starting job back with the Redskins. Or maybe bump Johnny Manziel¬†up in the depth chart.

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