This Tell-All Book from a Former Yankee Clubhouse Employee Sounds Insane


We don’t get a lot of unauthorized books on sports teams or players. It’s likely hard to get buy-in from any teammates or front-office officials to corroborate the crazy stories presented. However that hasn’t stopped former Assistant Equipment Manager Paul Priore from writing a pretty scandalous tell-all book about the Yankees during his time there.

Paul Priore was fired from the Yankees in 1997, and he claims that was due to him being HIV-positive. So he clearly has a bone to pick with the team. The title of the book, Abused by the New York Yankees, conveys that point as well. In the 50o-page self-published book, he claims:

  • Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada had an affair together.
  • Cecil Fielder was hammered on vodka during games, while Daryl Strawberry drank whiskey.
  • George Steinbrenner spied on his players using surveillance equipment.
  • Batboys created a whole market of forged autographed memorabilia.
  • Gerald Williams had sex with an underage concession worker in a storage closet.

Ok, aside from the first one, none of these sound that far-fetched. And I could even be convinced of the Jeter-Posada thing, too.

If this guy is truly vindictive, maybe he would have picked accusations that were a little further removed from reality.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]



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