Tuba Player Faceplants as Georgia Band Runs Off the Field (Video)

tuba player

People falling down, as long as they’re not seriously injured, is funny. But watching a TUBA PLAYER fall down isn’t just funny, it might be the height of comedy. And that’s exactly what happened at the Louisiana-Monroe/Georgia football game Saturday.

Of course, it’s the first game of the season, so everyone’s a little rusty, but normally that doesn’t mean that people forget how to walk. Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was the giant brass instrument strapped to the kid, or maybe it was some shoddy landscaping, but something made this kid take a header right into the ground.

Take a look:

That wound’t have been nearly as funny if it was a flautist. But it may have been even funnier if it was one of those drummers with the big drum strapped to their chest. Or the little drums at their waist. Any drummer, really.

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