Brandon Marshall: White Players Treated Differently by NFL When It Comes to Discipline

brandon marshall says white nfl players treated differently

According to Jets receiver Brandon Marshall, there are a lot of guys around the NFL who believe the league treats white players differently than black players. And he himself thinks that, sometimes, the guys who believe this are right.

Marshall was a panelist on Showtime’s Inside the NFL on Tuesday when asked what players around the league think about Deflategate. So he said players, in his estimation, fall into one of three categories.

“No. 1 is the fighter,” Marhsall said. “I think there’s guys that are in the fight with Tom. When one player’s rights are upheld, then all players’ rights are upheld. It’s not about what he did, if he’s right or wrong. It’s more about the process. Is it fair?”

“The second,” he expalined, “is cowards—I call them cowards. That’s the guys that are afraid to face Tom Brady. They want him suspended. I don’t believe in that.”

“The third is the race card. There are a lot of players out there that believe that white players—specifically at the quarterback position—are treated differently.”

Now, it really should not come as a huge surprise that players around the NFL think this. NFL discipline is a complete and utter disgrace. Why wouldn’t black players be suspicious of rich white guys just making punishments up as they go?

However, this was all news to Marshall’s co-panelist, former white quarterback Boomer Esiason.

“So you’re telling me,” Boomer asked, “that there are players out there—and I don’t know if you believe this—that there are players out there, that if this were Cam Newton, that his suspension would be upheld, and he would be there, that the judge would see Cam Newton differently because of the color of his skin?”

To which Marshall replied, “Well, when you look back at the history of this sport, you can build a case on that, yes.”

So are white players treated differently by the NFL? That’s a tough one. When you look at recent history, the NFL looks more incompetent than racist. They only suspended Ray Rice for two games at first, even though everybody knew he beat his wife in that elevator. And Roger Goodell upheld Brady’s four-game suspension for “probably” deflating footballs even after an arbitrator had put Greg Hardy‘s suspension for “probably” beating his girlfriend at four games. Meanwhile, Richie Incognito got suspended for eight games for being a racist douchebag in 2013.

However, even if the NFL is not racially biased when handing out discipline, the fact that players think the league is biased is not good for business. If I were an owner, I’d want to bring in a new commissioner to come in and clean house.

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