Cam Newton Tries Aussie Rules Football in This Gatorade Ad (Video)

Aussie Rules Football

There’s been a lot of discussion about how well other sports complement the skill sets of football players. For instance, would LeBron James be a good tight end, or will 49ers running back, Jarryd Hayne, a former rugby star, really have what it takes to make the squad?

In this Gatorade ad, we see Cam Newton kicking it with some Aussie Rules Football players trying to learn the game and see if it will benefit his career.

Take a look:

The predictable ending would be “Cam becomes a good Aussie Rules Football player overnight.” Fortunately, that’s not what happened. We get to watch him struggle. Which is far more interesting and realistic.

Kudos to Gatorade and Cam Newton for not making him look invincible in this ad.

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