Desean Jackson Can’t Respond When Asked If Redskins Will Contend This Year

Detroit Lions v Washington Redskins

Every single year before the season starts, all players from all teams want to believe their team has a shot at the Lombardi trophy. Then you have the Washington Redskins, who have had a HORRIBLE offseason. It’s like the Redskins got jealous of the horrible offseason the 49ers were having and said to themselves, “We can top this”

Rg3 was murdered in preseason game #2 before leaving with an injury. Sources after the game stated most of his offensive line did not like him and it showed…


Then the self proclaimed Best QB in the league went from starter to 3rd string. Now this:

In a recent interview with GQ, Jackson gave an honest answer when asked whether he expects the Redskins to contend this year.

GQ: Do you feel like you guys will contend this year?

Jackson: [Long silence] Uh…how ’bout I say, uh…Let me see what I can answer to that question.”

…..That confidence!!

What a difference 4 months make. Here’s what he said back in May:

“Well if you want to be political and say on paper, I think all the ESPN guys and all the bloggers will probably say the Dallas Cowboys,” Jackson said. “But in my eyes, I already think we’re going to surprise a lot of people this year. I’ll say once again, I’m excited about the new additions that [have] come in. Really, we just have to kind of build a camaraderie. So once the season starts and we’re ahead full speed, I think we’re gonna surprise a lot of people, and a lot of people are really gonna be saying, ‘Wow, those guys are pretty good.’ So once the season starts — I’m not gonna put too much pressure on us — but I think we’ll be the team to beat this year.”

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