Watch This High School Quarterback Get Anihilated by One of the Hardest Hits You’ll Ever See (Video)

high school quarterback obliterated by linebacker

The video you are about to watch contains one of the most epic football hits you will ever see. But it’s not from an NFL game, or an NCAA game, or even a CFL game. It’s from a high school football game.

Granted, it’s from a class 6A high school football game in Okalahoma, so half the players on the field will probably go on to play Division I college ball. But even still, it’s not often you see a high school quarterback get obliterated like this.

The quarterback in question is Noah Tews of Edmond North. During last Friday’s season opener against Edmond Santa Fe at the 10,000 seat stadium (!) both teams call home, Tews scrambled to avoid getting sacked as the pocket collapsed around him. And he did a pretty good job. For a second, it looked like he was going to get away.

Unfortunately, that’s when Edmond Santa Fe linebacker Cameron Gonzaque came flying in to deliver a bone-crushing hit that probably gave Tews whiplash.

Take a look:

Hat’s off to Gonzaque. I bet college linebacker coaches are going to show this video to their guys this week to demonstrate the proper way to hit a quarterback. Because damn.

Hat Tip – [Fanbuzz]

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