Behind the Scenes Peak at JJ Watt Photo Shoot for Men’s Health Will Make You Feel Like a Weak, Lazy Little Man (Video + Pics)

jj watt photo shoot

Men’s Health did a big story on JJ Watt’s fitness routine for their upcoming fall fitness issue. So you know what that means: JJ Watt photo shoot.

Of course, the words “JJ Watt photo shoot” make different people feel different things. For example, if you’re Instagram model Lindsey Pelas, they probably make you feel a little tingly. By contrast, if you’re a heterosexual man who does not have six pack abs, the words “JJ Watt photo shoot” might make you feel a little insecure.

And that is the point as far as the folks at Men’s Health are concerned. They want their JJ Watt photo shoot to make you feel insecure so you’ll decide it’s finally time to get fit and, presumably, buy their magazine.

It’s a pretty good strategy, too. After looking at the JJ Watt workout video and some of the images from his photo shoot, I’ve definitely come to the realization that I should probably get off the couch a little more.

Here is said workout video:

Here is a glimpse behind the scenes at the photo shoot:

Behind the Scenes. @menshealthmag

A video posted by JJ Watt (@justinjames99) on

And here is the finished product:

Behind the Scenes. @menshealthmag

A video posted by JJ Watt (@justinjames99) on

Read more about JJ Watt’s workout routine on, or buy the fall fitness issue when it hits newsstands on September 15.

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