Here’s John Madden Saying All Teams Tape Each Other (Video)

John Madden

Spygate was a pretty big deal when it came out, but more importantly, it laid the groundwork for the Pats as a team that will avoid certain rules to win, as we saw in the total debacle that was Deflategate. However, we’ve got a vintage Barstool Sports video that shows John Madden saying all teams do it.

Of course, that didn’t stop Pats haters and mob justice from going into full effect, but maybe if the media had stated this to temper the expectations of fans, it wouldn’t have led us to the giant circle-jerk that was (and is, again) Spygate.

Here’s the clip:

So there you have it. I suppose the “everyone’s doing it” excuse doesn’t really fly, but it does go a ways to showing that the Pats weren’t particularly more evil than any other team.

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