Of Course Kevin Durant Still Thinks He’s The Best in the NBA (Video)

Kevin Durant

After an MVP 2013-14 campaign, Kevin Durant and the Thunder suffered a frustrating turn of events as the star player managed to get only 27 games in before falling victim to a fractured foot. Durant was in Spain doing the requisite Nike goodwill trip when he spoke to the press about the upcoming season, and he was optimistic, to say the least.

Here’s what he said to the press:

I think we have a really good team.¬†We have to come together and play as one, and that’s harder than people realize. But we’re ready to take on the challenge. We’re under the radar, exactly where we want to be, and looking forward to having a good season.

And, of course, the BIG takeaway is right here:

I think that Steph Curry and James Harden might put up a fight for that title, but it will be an amazing thing to watch so long as they’re all healthy. And LeBron might as well toss his hat into the ring as well.

And clearly, when it comes to strangely BeDazzled purple t-shirts, Kevin Durant remains #1 in the world.

If he’s completely healthy, I think there’s no reason not to believe he’s in the upper echelon, though Steph Curry seems like the guy to beat for “best in the world” at the moment.

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