LeSean McCoy Takes A Shot At Demarco Murray & Chip Kelly…Again


The ever so salty LeSean McCoy is making the news again and just like the previous 20 times after he got traded, it’s not because of his play on the field.

In an upcoming interview with GQ, McCoy shared his views on the newest RB in Philadelphia and also takes yet another shot at his former coach Chip Kelly. Shady says he believes there is no competition when it comes to him and Murray:

“I think Murray’s good, but I don’t see him as competition as far as the best backs. I like my game a lot.”

McCoy took another jab at Chip Kelly as well, saying that Rex Ryan allows you to be a man:

“[Ryan] lets you be a man. He won’t say, ‘Be in bed at ten o’clock,’ or check your sleep. He’s just like: Be professionals,” McCoy told the magazine.


Shady has been salty since he was traded to the Buffalo Bills this past offseason, he returns to Philadelphia on December 13th. Hopefully he’s healthy around that time, should be an interesting exchange from the former player & coach.


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