Insane Longboarder Hits 70 MPH on a Colorado Highway (Video)


I don’t know what the stability of a longboard is like at high speeds, and I’m not very eager to find out. But I’m not Zak Maytum, a professional downhill longboarder who hit 70 MPH while skating down a Colorado highway that, yes, did still have cars on it.

It’s absolutely terrifying and insane.

Oh, man. How does he slow down? It’s clear he turns using badass gloves that spark when they touch the ground. Points for that!

It’s actually not even the fastest run in Colorado, which is pretty frightening, but it does seem to be the coolest, especially when laid against the metal music that makes you think he’s going to fly headfirst into a tree at any given moment.

Seriously, though…how does he stop?

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