Cardinals Start Randal Grichuk in Center Field, Even Though He’s Injured and Cannot Throw (Video)

randal grichuk cannot throw

The Cardinals lost the first two games of their three-game series against the Cubs this week by a combined score of 17-5. It’s hardly surprising that they wanted to do something to mix things up and maybe provide a little spark for Wednesday afternoon’s final match.

But mixing things up is one thing. Putting a guy who can’t throw in center field is quite another.

That’s exactly what the Cardinals did, though.

The guy in question is Randal Grichuk. He suffered an elbow injury last month and just came off the DL. However, Grichuk has only been medically cleared to hit. He still cannot throw.

Now, it’s understandable why Cardinals manage Mike Matheny would want to get Grichuk in the lineup. The dude knocks the cover off the ball. On Tuesday night he came in off the bench and blasted a two-run homer into the upper deck. But if you have to get the guy in the game, why not put Grichuk in left field, where teams have stuck guys who can’t play defense since the beginning of time? Why the most important outfield position?

I don’t have an answer for that. You’ll have to ask Mike Matheny. All I know is the highly questionable strategy backfired twice in the first two innings—first on a ball hit to the gap in right-center, then on a ground ball up the middle.

Take a look:

Amazingly, this ill-advised stunt did not cost the Cardinals the game. Those three runs in the first two innings would be the only ones they gave up. And a three-run rally off Cubs relievers Pedro Strop and Clayton Richard in the 8th gave the Redbirds a 4-3 win.

Why does everything just always seem to work out for these guys?

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