Joey Votto Goes Ballistic on Ump After Getting Ejected (Video)

angry joey votto ejected

Everyone has a bad day at work every now and then. Even MLB umpires.

If you ask Reds slugger Joey Votto, he’ll tell you that, on Wednesday night in Cincinnati, home plate umpire Tim Welke had a very bad day at work.

The trouble between Votto and Welke started in the bottom of the first, with a questionable strike call during Votto’s first at-bat. It got worse in the bottom of the fourth, when Votto was subjected to another questionable strike call. And it finally came to a head in the bottom of the eight, after yet another questionable strike call.

Interestingly, Votto held his emotions mostly in check while talking to Welke after the last questionable strike call. But then he turned to the Reds bench to ask for help, complaining that he’d asked for a timeout. So Welke tossed him. And that’s when Votto was like, f#%& this s%#*, and gave Welke a piece of his mind.

Things got pretty heated. Take a look:

Honestly, can you really blame Votto here? Those were some pretty brutal calls.

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