Mexican TV Station Trolls USMNT with Footage of Donald Trump Speech (Video)

mexican tv station trolls usmnt donald trump video

USA-Mexico soccer games are always pretty exciting. However, when the USMNT takes on Mexico in the CONCACAF Cup at the Rose Bowl on October 10, things will be especially heated—not only because the stakes are high, with a trip to the 2017 Confederations Cup on the line, but also because Mexico has been handed a lifetime supply of bulletin board material in recent months by a certain Republican presidential candidate.

The presidential candidate I am talking about, of course, is Donald Trump. In case you somehow hadn’t heard, in a campaign speech back in June, Trump basically said that most of the people coming into the United States from Mexico illegally are rapists and drug dealers, and that only “some” are good people. Then, in a statement trying to clarify those remarks, Trump accused the Mexican government of actively “forcing their most unwanted people into the United States.”

Regardless of your feelings about the supposed illegal immigration problem, I don’t think it’s hard to understand why Mexicans everywhere would be pretty disgusted by those comments.

Now, not surprisingly, one Mexican TV station has decided to edit and manipulate Trump’s words to get Mexicans all pumped up for the big game. And, honestly, the result is pretty great.

Take a look:

“The American Dream is dead!”

You have to hand it to TV Azteca—that’s some good trolling.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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