Roger Federer Saves Kid From Getting Crushed in Autograph Stampede at U.S. Open (Video)

autograph stampede

I don’t think that there were many people taking the position that Roger Federer was a bad guy. In fact, he’s generally regarded as one of the most classy, gracious guys in sport, who hasn’t let his success change him.

But he’s also a man of action.

After his fourth-round victory over John Isner on Monday, Federer stuck around to sign some items for fans at the U.S. Open. Needless to say, there was great interest, and an autograph stampede developed┬áto get the star’s attention. The stampede collapsed in on the courtside barrier, and Federer noticed that a little boy was in harm’s way, and in danger of getting crushed.

So he took action and pulled the boy from his spot. Here’s the video:

The kid looked a little rattled, but I’m sure some quality time with Federer, along with getting to stand on the court of Arthur Ashe Stadium might go a long way in helping the kid recover from what was surely a traumatic experience.

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