Tim Tebow Returns to SEC Network, Just Like We All Knew He Would

Tim Tebow returns to SEC Network

Tim Tebow returns to the SEC Network? That’s possibly the least-surprising headline of this young football season.

Don’t get me wrong, the Tim Tebow era in Philadelphia was all kinds of fun. But you didn’t really think it would last, did you? That the Eagles would really keep a QB on their roster who can’t throw the ball just to run a trick play every once in a while? When one of their two “real” quarterbacks has missed the last two season with a torn ACL? Because not even Chip Kelly is that crazy.

No, Tebow getting cut by the Eagles and resuming his duties as an analyst on ESPN’s SEC Network was a foregone conclusion. We were just waiting for everybody to make things official. Which they now have.

According to the official statement, Jesus’ favorite QB will make his TV comeback on SEC Nation this Saturday, September 12, at 10am ET.

“Tim quickly developed into an excellent analyst last year,” said ESPN Executive VP John Wildhack, “and we were not shy about acknowledging his home at ESPN should he be available to return.”

We can assume Wildhack had a pretty good laugh when he wrote the words “should he be available.”

Hat Tip – [SEC Network]

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