Ben Roethlisberger Complains About Legal Play By The Patriots (Video)

Ben Roethlisberger complains false start

Last night, the Pittsburgh Steelers were called for a false start on a crucial 3rd & goal play from the Patriots’ one-yard line with just over 12 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter and the Pats leading 21-11.

A touchdown would have cut the Steelers’ deficit to just three points, but after inexplicably calling a draw play on 3rd & goal from the 6-yard line, they were forced to settle for a field-goal and eventually lost the game by a score of 28-21.

So who was to blame for that devastating mishap on the 3rd & goal play that resulted in a false start?  Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger seemed to think the refs and the Patriots defensive line were at fault.

First, watch his reaction immediately after the refs blew their whistles and threw their flags:

And here’s what Big Ben had to say to the media following the game:

“I thought that there was a rule against that. Maybe there’s not. Maybe it’s just an unwritten rule. . . . We saw it on film, that the Patriots do that. They shift and slide and do stuff on the goal line, knowing that it’s an itchy trigger finger-type down there.”

Does Ben have a point? No, he does not.

Sorry Ben, but there’s no rule against shifting on the defensive line, as long as the defensive players do not cross the line of scrimmage, which they didn’t.

Blaming everything on the Patriots may seem like the cool thing to do these days, but in this instance, the only people Roethlisberger should be pointing his finger at is his offensive line.

Even Steelers guard Ramon Foster seemed to echo that sentiment when discussing the penalty after the game:

“I think it’s more heightened because it’s [the Patriots] and it looks like – whatever the case may be. They’re a team that likes to take advantage of those type of situations, and we can’t give that to them.”

I guess the whole “Blame it on the Patriots” strategy doesn’t always work.

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