Bill Belichick Rocked a Beach Casual Outfit At The Pats’ Press Conference (Pic)

Bill Belichick

I like to think that Bill Belichick had two outfit choices for the post-game press conference after beating Pittsburgh 28-21. One if he lost the game, and another if he won. If that was the case, we really lucked out with the “win” outfit, because it was a doozy.

Belichick was rocking a dressy-ish button-up shirt (normal), blue cargo shorts (huh?), and flip-flops.

It was really much more of a July outfit for a football coach, especially one in Boston. I mean, that look goes away on Labor Day unless you live in a beach city. Nonetheless, we were treated to the look last night, and not EVERYONE was on board with his fashion effort.

Here’s a tweet showing the striking ensemble:

Maybe he saves the cargo shorts for when Gronk scores three TDs. This would all make a LOT more sense if he just wore things based on his team’s performance. For instance, maybe the sandals are for when you hold a team under 25 points. I’d hate to see if he shut a team out. Maybe that scenario calls for a vintage clown outfit or something.

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