Klay Thompson and Jimmy Kimmel Award a Car to Terrorist-Thwarting Serviceman Spencer Stone (Video)

Klay Thompson and Jimmy Kimmel

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel took a moment to honor U.S. Airman Spencer Stone, who, along with two other individuals, derailed a possible terror attack by taking down an assailant on a train. After an interview and LOTS of applause from the audience, Stone was in for a surprise…

The Warriors’ Klay Thompson and Jimmy Kimmel presented Stone with a new car, a Camaro convertible. It’s a pretty nice gesture, and one that serves to remind us that after all the fanfare on social media and the news, this guy still exists, and still set a great example for servicemen and servicewomen all over the world.

Here’s the clip:

It’s a good thing that Stone knows how to drive stick, because that Camaro is a manual transmission, and he’ll be driving it when he moves back to Sacramento. I mean, driving a stick shift is a dying art. Just another aspect of Spencer Stone that makes him a pretty awesome dude.

It was also pretty great of Klay Thompson and Jimmy Kimmel to make this gesture. I’m sure it means a lot to Stone, and it’s nice to see someone on a talk show who’s impacted people outside the realm of sports or entertainment.

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