Watch This Monday Night Football Promo Starring Two Jon Grudens (Video)

monday night football promo jon gruden frank caliendo

The first Monday Night Football of the 2015 NFL season is just three days away, so ESPN has come out with a new Monday Night Football promo to get everybody pumped up.

The gimmick of this particular promo? Not one but two Jon Grudens.

No, it’s not CGI magic. One of them is the real Jon Gruden. The other is comedian Frank Caliendo, whose career now pretty much entirely consists of impersonating football analysts and reading a bunch of random sh*t—like A-Rod’s apology letter, or Allen Iverson‘s “practice rant,” or LeBron James‘s homecoming announcement—in the voice of Morgan Freeman.

Anyway, the Monday Night Football promo starts out with just Gruden and Mike Tirico talking about the two games that will be featured. Then Caliendo comes in and says a bunch of goofy stuff that Jon Gruden wouldn’t really say, but is still funny.

Take a look:

One of these days I hope they just put Frank Caliendo in the booth and give him free reign to do whatever he wants. It can’t be worse than the Dennis Miller experiment, right?


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