NFL Stars Shared Their Own Superlatives on ‘Fallon’ Last Night (Video)

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Riding the wave the network created by airing the first meaningful NFL game of the season, NBC kept the football party going after the Pats’ win by bringing┬ásome of the league’s biggest stars (and Andy Dalton) onto the show to read some superlatives about themselves.

It’s a pretty familiar concept at this point, but still a fun one. There’s something that will always be entertaining about NFL stars┬ábeing forced to talk about how weird/dumb/bad they are.

Here’s the clip from last night:

D’Brickashaw Ferguson got teased about his name, which is ALSO sort of a tired gag that remains hilarious.

Fallon might not be the edgiest guy on late night TV, but he knows how to wring a concept for comedy. For instance, you take Joe Flacco on-camera, then have him do literally anything. Automatic comedy weirdness.

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