Ohio Dominican Quarterback Flips Over Defender for Impressive Touchdown (Video)

ohio dominican quarterback flips over defender

Usually, when football fans in Columbus, Ohio, are talking about amazing plays by college quarterbacks, they’re throwing around names like Braxton MillerJT Barrett, and Cardale Jones. And that makes sense, seeing as how the Ohio State Buckeyes have the biggest program in the state and just won a National Championship.

However, the amazing play we have for you today does not come from any of the Buckeyes’ QBs. In fact, it doesn’t even come from an NCAA Division I program. It comes from Columbus’ Division II Ohio Dominican Panthers and quarterback Grant Russell.

In Ohio Dominican’s season opener against the Malone Pioneers last Thursday, Russell scored an amazing touchdown in the second quarter. After dropping back and looking to pass on a play in the redzone, Russell saw an opening and decided to run it. Then, when he came face to face with a defender, instead of taking a quarterback slide, he leapt up and over the guy, flipping into the endzone on his back.

Take a look:

That’s impressive. And it’s even more impressive when you hear Russell is 6’4″.

If Ohio State loses all their quarterbacks again this year, maybe they can just put this guy in a Buckeyes uniform and try to pass him off as a guy who’s already on their roster.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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