Patriots Fan Ejected from Gillette Stadium After Tweeting About Running Onto the Field (Video + Pic)

patriots fan ejected over tweet

On Thursday night, a Patriots fan named Mike Tetreault was ejected from Gillette Stadium by NFL security over a single tweet.

What did that tweet say? It said Tetreault would run onto the field if he got 10,000 retweets.

Now, Tatreault never got anywhere near 10,000 retweets. And even if he did, he probably would not have run out onto the field. But NFL security wasn’t interested in stats and probability. They take these things very seriously—especially on the opening night of the season, in New England, after Deflategate, when tensions were already high. So they found Tetreault in the stands and kicked him out of the stadium. Of course, being the avid social media user that he is, Tetreault documented the entire experience on Twitter. And he makes it very clear that it was the NFL, not the Patriots, thus weaving himself right into the Patriots’ us-against-them conspiracy narrative. Here are some of his tweets:

And here is Tetreault’s official “statement” on the matter:

patriots fan ejected official statement mike tetreault
So to recap: Tetreault says he’s going to run onto the field during a high-profile game, security kicks him out without roughing him up or saying anything terribly disrespectful, and he wants an apology?

Yep, he’s a Patriots fan alright.

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