The Patriots Pregame Party Included T-Pain and an Orchestra (Video)

patriots pregame party

Even by opening game standards, last night’s week 1 showdown against the Steelers was a big one for New England. As such, the Patriots pregame party seemed to be more about closing the book on events than about┬ákicking off the new season. And they were excited to do so, so they threw one hell of a party.

For instance, Robert Kraft came out to an “All I Do Is Win” verse performed live by T-Pain. That’s pretty weird. Remarkably, after watching this video, you might not think that was the weirdest thing that happened.

Take a look:

If it wasn’t for Deflategate and all that madness, this party likely would have consisted of a Billy Ocean song on repeat with a box of mini-muffins. But as it stood, I’m surprised anyone had any energy left for the game

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