Steelers TE Coach Investigated For Assaulting Pats Fan During Halftime

steelers te coach

It’s clear that there was a lot beyond the final score riding on last night’s week 1 kickoff between the Steelers and the Patriots. After a tumultuous offseason, all eyes were on the Pats, but now Pittsburgh has some negative attention turned its way. Steelers TE coach John Daniel is being investigated by NFL security after an alleged altercation with a fan as he went towards the locker room at halftime.

Details are scarce until the NFL rounds up more information, so little is known about the alleged altercation. However, it’s being reported that as Daneil was returning to the field at the end of halftime, a police officer and stadium security awaited him. Daniel supposedly yelled at the police officer after being stopped.

The coach has conducted a full interview with the league already, though there’s little insight into a timeline for release, and the NFL can’t be compelled to share that information unless a criminal or civil complaint is filed.

Again, not much is known, but this is just another incident from a game that is turning out a torrent of stories, both on the field, and off.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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