“Tea Time with Andrew Luck” Combines Your Two Great Loves: Football and Etiquette (Video)

tea time with andrew luck having high tea british etiquette

Andrew Luck took a trip to London this summer. It’s unclear whether he was just a regular tourist or perhaps some sort of diplomatic envoy for the NFL. But he was there. And while he was there, the NFL was like, hey, let’s get Luck to have high tea with a prissy etiquette coach and make a video about it! So they did. And that’s how “Tea Time with Andrew Luck” was born.

In the video, Luck sits down for high tea with British etiquette coach William Hanson and British TV presenter Vernon Kay. Ostensibly Hanson is there to teach old neckbeard important British things, like how to unfold a napkin or take gentlemanly nibbles from tiny sandwiches. But really, the meeting is all about a clash of cultures, with Hanson poking fun at Luck’s improper attire, and American viewers having a laugh at Hanson not knowing what a locker room is.

It’s all pretty amusing. Take a look:

If the Indianapolis Colts ever trade Andrew Luck to the London Silly Nannies, he’ll be ready.

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