An Eagles Fan Crashed Cowboys Camp In Hilarious Fashion (Video)

eagles fan

There are few NFL rivalries that run with more bad blood than the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry. Except for maybe Giants-Cowboys. Or Redskins-Cowboys. Hmm. People just hate the Cowboys, But few seem to hold enough hatred in their hearts to attend Cowboys camp in full gear, like this Eagles fan did.

This guy is actually more funny than he is evil, which is a nice departure for football fans. They’re not known for being especially funny, unless you count the kids who make the awesome College Gameday signs. But this guy is so brazen and profane he’s hard not to like.

Check out the antagonistic video right here:

“Do y’all have any Cowboys flags? It’s gift for my little cousin.”

“I hope so.”

Oh, man. What he does with that flag is awesome. It’s like a karmic slap in the face for anyone who likes a pro football team a little TOO much.

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