FSU Student Sues School for Banning Guns in Cars

FSU Stadium

College is generally recognized as a time for civil disobedience and social unrest, traditions that are being proudly honored by a Florida guns rights group called Florida Carry, who’s suing FSU on behalf of college student Rebekah Hargrove, who’s sick and tired of the establishment telling her to keep her gun at home when she goes to FSU football games.

Curiously, Hargorove and Florida Carry aren’t suing for the right to bring guns into the game, but merely the right to keep their guns inside their parked cars at Florida State University events (like football games). Florida Carry says that the college’s policy banning guns in locked cars is contrary to Florida state law (big surprise), and thus not legal.

You can read some more about Rebekah Hargrove and Florida Carry’s crusade against FSU’s no-guns-in-cars policy over at the Associated Press right here. And if you’re planning on catching any college football tonight, make sure to check the school’s gun regulations before you go. Safety first!